WILL is an acronym for We Impact Lonely Lives. WILL is a Non-profit organization based out of Hyderabad. WILL INDIA is registered with No.382, on 10th June, 2011, under Societies Act, Government of Andhra Pradesh, India.


WILL was born when an energetic group of friends and colleagues incubated on a simple idea of contributing few hours of time regularly, to bring some noticeable change in the society. This idea of supporting for a cause on a continual basis was welcomed by like-minded individuals and therefore, the core team of WILL was formed.

WILL TEAM consists of experienced professionals from IT, ITES, Medicine, Law, Media, Education and Students from Hyderabad. WILL TEAM, together aims to dedicate their time to offer relentless service to the society in every possible way. We all believe that Social Responsibility is the only way to serve our nation



Day Care Center for Oldage

Early childhood development determines a lot on the future of the individual child’s success, family, ... 

Health promotion

The Centres promote good health practices, in particular primary health care e.g Nutrition, Blood Donation,, ... 

Life Saving Skills for students

The community Sports Centre is run entirely by volunteers from the community and using local resources. ... 

WILL Dance

Health is among our activities.... 

The Objective of WILL is to bring awareness in the Schools both Government run and Private in Four main FOCUS Areas. All the WILL initiatives would revolve around a child and Oldage


2. Oldage